In my ten years as a professional photographer and artist I have constantly been moving and working with very little time to collect and collate the treasures I have amassed. Treasures from the places I have been so lucky to go and the people who have shared their homes and hearts with me.

I am so pleased to have slowed down and created Beautiful Things.

It is a shop which will sell my photographic prints, of course, but hopefully one-off-sketches from concept meetings, illustration prints and also perhaps other physical objects, like dress that is created for a shoot.

A tiny step towards you all becoming more immersed in the worlds I, and the excellent professionals I work with, create...

A camera has given me the opportunity to go out and ask the world the questions that I wanted to know. 

What is love?

Where has my magic gone?

What do people imagine a better world to look like?

I catch only a glimmer of an answer and I will be asking these questions for the rest of my life, but it has led me to beautiful places: under the water, in the face of stranger and in my own solitude. 

From beautiful places come beautiful things and I offer them to you now.

May they be portals into other worlds for you.

Wishing you great adventure




'Diana is an artist with a great perception of beauty and of life.'
- Maria Pavlova



For printing and framing we're really proud of our eco credentials:

  • FSC approved or sustainably sourced paper
  • Printed using water based inks
  • Local fulfilment reduces carbon emissions
  • Contains no plastic 



Photo credit: Réza Riàhi