💌 Postcards From Paris 💌

💌 Postcards From Paris 💌

2020 has been surreal and awful and given us all sorts of challenges financial and mental.

When I was in Paris working in my early 20s I couldn't afford much but one of my favourite things to do was buy cheap postcards from the side of the Seine or Maison Européenne de la Photographie. I stuck the greats all over my peeling walls in London and had my own little private gallery.

So I'm creating a collection for those who might want a little magic and a little art all over their walls but can't afford my archive quality prints. 

Enjoy dreaming my darlings!

Buy 10 and scatter them all over your workspace, your windows or send them to friends 💌

Framed Prints

Framed Prints

Classic frames in a colour handpicked by Diana Patient. 

FSC certified off-white mat / window mount. Delivered ready for hanging



The seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country you couldn't cover it in a lifetime. I spent just shy of three months here and even if I hadn't have brought my camera there will be visuals that are burnt into my memory till the end of time.

I had a lazy, hot December in the south on the backwaters at Christmas and eating red snapper wrapped in banana leaves, then to a -35 Ladakh winter where I spent New Years Eve in five sleeping bags with a nomadic family and Dadul in Changtang. A change in altitude in Rajasthan where I met my brother and we slept in the desert and read in forts. From the Taj Mahal in Agra to Varanasi the river where people come to die. And finally in Kolkata on my own before I flew to Dhaka.

Photographs available as classic museum quality prints again but also a range of posters so you can own large images of my work for a little less - some of these images NEED to be printed big!

I hope these photographs bring a little bit of the magic I found in India to you...


Paris // Collection

Paris // Collection

(Me trying to be chic in Paris when I was working for a magazine photographing street-style in Paris)

I have had an on-off relationship with Paris for ten years. She is beautiful but does nothing by halves. I thought she hated me and so stayed away for years after working there for two in my early twenties as a street-style photographer. I have been humiliated beyond my worst nightmares and exhilarated beyond my wildest imaginings. Someone I once knew explained Paris as 'not having the grease of politeness that London does to make for smooth social interactions' – it is all or nothing. 

I spent a lot of time roaming the streets by myself and, what was a terrifying confrontation with my own mind when I was younger, has eased as I grow into myself (earning more money doesn't hurt in this expensive city as well).

I hope you will find some joy and transportation in my little offering from one of the most magical, tormentuous, visceral, proud and beautiful places I have ever been.




A museum-quality posters with a textured, matt finish.

Giclée printing techniques

Weight (200gsm)

12"x18" £30

16"x24" £35

Women and Water

Women and Water

Women and water have long been intertwined in mythology, poetry and indeed in my own exploration of femininity. 

From Lady of Shallot's watery end to sewing mermaid tails for me and my sister and then as an adult my ongoing work with watery Scottish folklore and the oppression of women.